Romeo Añejo | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Vintage 2010
Binder: Dominican Olor Vintage 2008
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran Vintage 2009
Size: 6 x 54 “Toro”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $9.00 MSRP
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 0
Accompanying Libation: Water





Today we take a look at the new Romeo Añejo.

From the Altadis USA web site:
“For nearly 140 years, Romeo y Julieta been driven by a passion for crafting the finest handmade cigars. As time passed, that love has only grown. Created from that timeless legacy, the ROMEO Añejo is the perfect addition to an epic love story.

“Bold and sophisticated, the ROMEO Añejo is a rich aged version of the bestselling Romeo cigar. It pairs the finest stalk cut, dark Connecticut broadleaf wrapper with its perfect companion – double fermented 2008 vintage tobaccos. Together, this hearty blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran sun grown tobaccos is aged to perfection in special cedar cajones. The result is a rich and robust smoke featuring deep undernotes of coffee and dark chocolate.”

In Spanish, “Añejo” means “Aged.”
Intended for B & M sales only, I got mine as a sample that hitched a ride in the box from items I bought on Cigar Monster (Famous Smoke). So I’m really not sure what’s going on.
At first I thought it might be a new Famous house brand they are promoting the hell out of. But I can’t recollect any house brands being advertised on the parent company’s web site. Only time will tell.

This cigar went out to a lot of people which includes reviewers so there is no shortage of reviews out there. Most reviewers give this stick a big thumbs down. I’ve had my stick for a few weeks and the same probably goes for the other reviewers.

Romeo Y Julieta is a typical Old School blend requiring months and months of humidor time. So I’m guessing everyone wanted to jump the gun and be the first on the block to review it; therefore not allowing the cigar enough humidor time. I might also be doing the same thing. But if it is a good cigar, its potential will show.
But based on the leaf stats, this should be a very good blend.

This cigar is a really big honker. It’s solid as a rock. The dark brown mottled wrapper looks a little focakte. Seams are not tight. Ugly veins. And it is very lumpy and bumpy. The closer I look at it, the sloppier it appears. The only applause can be had is for the nicely done triple cap.
The double cigar bands are a little gaudy and cheap looking. The main band is cockeyed. And the end is not fully attached to itself. The silver and brown colors look like something on a suppository. Not that I would know that.

Piramides: 6.125 x 52
Toro: 6 x 54
Robusto: 5 x 54
Prices range from $8.75-9.25 according to Altadis. There are no online stores advertising this cigar so it is impossible to know how much wiggle room there is.

The shaft smells like milk chocolate and earthy tobacco. At the foot and clipped cap, I smell even more pungent chocolate, earthiness, spice, and sweetness.
On the cold draw, I taste chocolate, cinnamon, earthiness, and sweetness.

The draw is extremely tight. I carefully use my cigar awl to put a thoroughfare down the middle of the cigar and find a plug around the halfway point. I push forward and clear the little bugger. Now it has a decent draw.
The first flavors are chocolate, spice, coffee, cream, bark (Woof!), and sweetness. Actually, it is very tasty.
But then the char line goes for a ride. I nip it in the bud; so to speak. No burn issues allowed in a $9 cigar.

Another flavor pops up: Yellow matter custard..well, not quite. But a lemony custard element that is subtle and puts a nice twist on things.
The spice, which is a combo of both black and red pepper, builds slowly. It doesn’t come out of the gate like a Pepin Garcia cigar which grabs you by the ankles and knocks you off your feet. In fact, the entire flavor profile is doing the same thing. A slow roll.

I dry boxed the cigar for 24 hours and now the cigar band slips up and down the shaft like a certain night in Tijuana when I was 18.

To be honest, the Romeo Añejo ain’t half bad due to the now evened out level of black pepper and scrumptious chocolate. Tastes hot cocoa-ish. But there aren’t a lot of other flavors to report. The sweetness is remaining pretty much generic. The lemon custard is gone now. (Which way did it go? Which way did it go?)

Got my new Cigar Aficionado yesterday and I was surprised to see a lot of cigars I’ve reviewed; and while I don’t rate cigars, they seemed to think the same thing about the cigars as I did. If you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time, snag a copy and see if you can remember my overall impressions of these cigars. CA is really focusing on a lot of boutique cigars. Good for them.

The burn line has needed two major touch ups so far. Dry boxing should have tamed the beast when it comes to how it burns.
I am nearing the second third and so far, the Romeo Añejo is a pleasant one trick pony.

Well here I am and…..nothing. This must be a practical joke. And more time in the humidor won’t matter.
Several good reviewers say what they think and give this cigar a dog turd rating. Others, either have no palate, or don’t want to offend a sponsor and give it a high rating.

Flavors blossom a little: Milk chocolate, black pepper, cedar, sweetness, creaminess, newly added coffee, and earthiness. The chocolate is carrying the whole affair.
The Romeo Añejo has such a strong candy bar sense to it that it makes one wonder why the blenders couldn’t provide something more interesting that just delicious chocolate.
I am perplexed about the $9 price tag but I will get to that soon enough.

It feels like the Romeo Añejo is taking forever to burn away. Why? Because there are no changes to the flavor profile. It started out like this and nothing has changed. No complexity. No balance. And a short finish. Just chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. All the humidor time in the world ain’t going to fix this cigar.

I should have known better than to waste time reviewing this cigar. Tomorrow, I look forward to reviewing the Nomad Esteli Lot 8316 and the day after that, the Colón Grand Vintage 2001 Edición Limitada Doble Perfecto.
No change. The Romeo Añejo is a semi-pleasant flavored cigar but it barely qualifies as a one trick pony. All that fancy tobacco and you can’t taste any of it. There is virtually no earthiness any longer. Just chocolate and some cream. The spiciness has been on the wane for the last couple inches. I think there is a bit of coffee and cedar but it is so blah it is hard to tell.

The strength has been mild/medium body this whole time. I can’t stand mild bodied cigars because very few have nice flavor profiles. They are for smokers with no sense of adventure and probably have no palates. Real cigar smoking scares them. Anyway, that’s how I feel on that subject.

My fingers are crossed that a sweet spot pops up in this last section of the Romeo Añejo. Please oh please, redeem thyself.
I’d say this is a good cigar to give mooch friends but it is too expensive for that.
Halle-fucking-leujah! A new flavor!
I’m getting the taste of blackberry. Could this be the portent of things to come or the beginning of the end?

It is a beautiful Milwaukee day. The sun is out. It is going to be 71°. The sun is allowing for some nice photos of the wrapper.
The strength finally sheds the mild body and moves to classic medium body.

For the first time, the cigar is showing some potential. Earthiness of the tobacco finally makes a comeback and inserts some interesting flavor.
As I said earlier, I gave this cigar a few weeks of humi time. I don’t think it matters if I gave it a week or 6 months. The Romeo Añejo is what it is. A blend made especially for those that like the RYJ profile. I never read anyone raving about RYJ cigars.

If I could pick three brands that I could only smoke the rest of my life, they would be: Pepin Garcia, AJ Fernandez, and Paul Stulac. (BTW- Stulac is coming out with a new blend soon. I will be back to review it.)

While I couldn’t afford the Stulacs, I did make one last thrust into making my cigar stash last as long as possible before it all disappears. I bought blends from the first two brands mentioned. They were inexpensive and classic good cigars. My very last purchase was a 10 count box of Curivari Buenaventura cigars. A incredible cigar for only pennies above $4 a stick.
As the Romeo Añejo finishes up, the spiciness has returned. But other than that, this is all it has to give.

I find it hard to understand the price tag on such a rag tag cigar. Granted, I have only one but I have my doubts as to whether I got the only sloppy cigar.
The Romeo Añejo is enormously over-priced. It is a $5 cigar at best. And not a good $5 cigar. It reminds me of a bundle cigar that is $1.75 a stick.

I reviewed the RYJ House of Capulet and the RYJ Montague that were both Famous house smokes. Neither caught my fancy.
RYJ also put out the Havoc. A cigar it seemed to catch the eye of the young smokers. Let’s face it; RYJ is your granddad’s choice for cigars. So I believe there is a move by RYJ to catch up. Based on what they have brought to the smoking public so far doesn’t impress me.

Let’s face it. RYJ is not a very popular cigar with experienced palates. It is a so so smoke that your dad smoked. I find them static and limiting.
Third major touch up to the char line is at hand.
RYJ would have done themselves a big favor if they had produced some smaller blends than just a robusto. A corona or corona gorda might have had the proper wrapper vs. filler ratio. Because this gargantuan cigar is totally out of whack when it comes to that.

I don’t like writing reviews like this one. It is negative and produces nothing positive. I don’t feel right after something like this. If the Romeo Añejo was in the $4-$5 range, I would have been kinder to it. But $9.00? C’mon!

It must have cost RYJ a fortune to put a free sample in every purchase made on Cigar Monster or Famous Smoke. I guess they figure the odds are with them that enough smokers will like this cigar and are willing to pay the $9.00. The giant marketing plan must be factored into how expensive this cigar is. Who knows how many thousands of cigars they gave away.

Wow! They took out a full page ad in Cigar Aficionado.

And now for nothing in particular:
Charlotte has made a lot of friends while running the Polish deli in Milwaukee. She has both Polish customers and German customers.
So, I hear, “I will be back in a few hours” a lot. She visited her German customers who invited her over to see how the 1% lives. She returns to describe the most delicious food served.

I stopped asking, “What about me? An afternoon of listening to people speak mostly German the whole time is grueling. My own German is rudimentary at best so I feel that these folks are pretty rude for leaving me out of the conversation. I hear you nod your head that you wouldn’t want me in your conversation either.

I got invited to a German Club picnic at Heidi and Michael’s house. It was two clubs. Berliners and Bavarians. (Nazis all)

It was hot and muggy and I hate muggy. Makes me ill. I’m a Californian and didn’t grow up in humid weather. Can’t make the adjustment.
There were around 30 people there. And no shade at all. The 90 year olds snagged it all up.
We sat at the only table being directly hit by the sun. I was schvitzing like crazy. Soaked.

Sitting to my right was a fat Wisconsin woman (Aren’t they all?) and her skinny welder husband. Both thought they were very funny because while no one laughed at what they thought was funny; they picked up the slack and laughed at everything they said themselves.
I wanted to shoot myself.

I was looking forward to some good German food.

Food was served and it was all drek. I couldn’t believe that all these Germans, about 2 years from the grave, couldn’t cook.
I ended up throwing 90% of my plate of food away.

When all the food was eaten, the horror of my life occurred.

One of the guests brought his accordion and sat down right next to me. He then proceeded to play German polka songs while everyone sang in German.
I thought I was at a Third Reich Bundestag meeting. And it felt like everyone was wondering why my Jewish star wasn’t sewn to my sleeve.

A woman sat down while Charlotte and Heidi took a walk around Heidi’s huge yard. Apparently, no one….I mean no one….liked this woman. She wasn’t that bad looking. Thin and wearing a loose fitting moo moo. Bleached blonde hair and bad teeth.

The women hated her because she only spoke to the men. Compared to the German folk, I was a little skinny guy. They all ate like someone was going to take their food away from them. One serving after the next. It was like visiting a pig farm. And the pigs knew I was a Jew.

I’m sitting there and she turns to me and exposes a tiny shrunken breast. All I could think of was where was Dr. Mengele when you need him?

In my right ear was loud accordion noise playing polka music that all sounded the same to me. I was packing my Glock because we had some errands to do afterwards. I actually thought of shooting the accordion, the accordion player, and then killing 13 more people. After that, I would be out of ammo.

Meanwhile, Heidi’s son was working on our 1977 Buick Le Sabre. The brake light was on and it beeped incessantly. He told us there was a leak in the brake line. He spent from 9am-2:30pm working on it. He didn’t replace it but he cleaned the leaks and repaired them with all kinds of goop and tape.
I stayed on his ass to finish it. I kept hearing, “Only 20 more minutes” for hours.

I was only at the party for 2-1/2 hours. Everyone refused to speak English. So I sat there sweating like a pig. My back was killing me from sitting in a plastic patio chair. And now I was getting nauseated from the humidity.

The car was done.

Gert told me that we still need to take the car in to get the brake line replaced. He spent 5-1/2 hours gluing it together. And when he finishes he still tells us to take it to a pro. What a giant waste of time. But he didn’t charge us a dime so he had a good heart.
I pulled out of the garage and we got about 2 blocks away when the beeping started and the brake light went on. And it stayed that way all the way home.

I will never ask to go visit her friends again unless I can take the Israeli Defense Forces, or Mossad, with me to interrogate them about where were they in 1944.

I had nightmares, last night, of large beer halls and women in dirndls selling 5 gallon sized beers along with shaved white radish in the box hanging from their necks. Now that’s some fun. Drinking strong beer and eating white radish.

It smelled like a slaughter house.
And I kept seeing that shriveled breast staring at me and following me to the bathroom and then down the line of the buffet…. calling my name.
I felt all my dead relatives spinning at the speed of sound in their graves.
Do you think killing an accordion player is a punishable offense? Or would that be a misdemeanor? Maybe just a ticket?
Never again. Protection Status


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  1. Thanks for the heads up how about a review of the diesel rage I think you might enjoy it

  2. Katman
    Can u recommend a good creamy medium smoke for me? Or even your top three that fit this description? I would prefer something I do not need to age. Thanks.

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