Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan, Dominican (Double Binder)
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican
Size: 5.5 x 46 “Corona”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $6.90
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 3
Accompanying Libation: Water



Today we take a look at the Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars.

According to Gary Griffith, there will be four blends in the Los Regalos line. In addition to that will be a limited run blend. The Los Regalos Quetzal is the first cigar of this series.
The name of the factory where these cigars are produced is secret. But apparently, the factory to be used for the other Los Regalos blends.
Los Regalos means The Royals. And Quetzal is a Central American bird:

The wrapper is a light medium brown that really shows off all of its veins. Seams are tight. The wrapper is semi-oily and smooth to the touch. The triple cap is nicely done. The cigar band is simple and to the point. No flashy, gaudy billboards here. I like that.

Aroma across the shaft is redolent of earthiness, cream, spice, and rich tobacco. At the newly clipped and the foot is an adult portion of chocolate, spice, and citrus.
The cold draw found little other than rich tobacco and a touch of chocolate.

5 x 50 Robusto $7.40
5.5 x 46 Corona $6.90
6 x 50 Toro $7.90
6 x 52 Torpedo $8.20

The first puffs are engaging with creaminess, spice, chocolate, toast, and a touch of citrus. I’m not sure how long I’ve had the cigar, but it’s been at least a month or 6 weeks. And today’s stick tastes much better than the previous smokes.
The spiciness ratchets up. Now we’re talking.

The draw is on the money. The cigar is packed tight and proves to be a slow smoke.
Other flavors include honey, floral notes, salty pretzel, cedar, cinnamon, and light coffee.
The strength is classic medium body.

The Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars, being a corona, should bring out some intense flavors.
With only 1” burned, the cigar finds its complexity. The balance is very good and, already, has a nice long finish.
The spiciness gets stronger with each puff.

The creaminess moves to the front of the line with spice following a close second. The other flavors are: Chocolate, wood, orange citrus, honey, floral notes, cedar, cinnamon, and coffee.
Great cigar.

I wish I had been this patient with the other three I smoked prior to my review. Dynamite blend.
I’d like to try the Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars in a Toro.
The flavor profile is extremely complex and pleasing to the palate. The balance knocked one out of the park and it has a luscious, long, chewy finish.

The cigar is damn fine but in the corona size, it seems to burn too fast. It isn’t of course. I’m just enjoying the hell out of it and I want more.
The strength hits medium/full at this point.

The orange citrus really takes off and drags the chocolate and creamy elements with it.
Griffith never fails to surprise. Each blend is magnificent in its own way. No duplications. And the Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars has a special character all its own.

The Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars is smooth and potent at the same time.
I love that the spiciness is strong and never lets up.
The elements of chocolate, creaminess, orange citrus, honey, spices, and coffee are all neck and neck.

The Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars is about to hit full body.
Just a slight sign of nicotine now.

With each sip of water, the flavors slam against my palate like waves upon rocky shoals.
This has been a totally gratifying cigar experience.
The Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars finishes full bodied and without a hint of harshness or heat.

$7.00-$8.00 is a fantastic price. Worth every nickel. Griffith could have been like the Greed Masters that dominate the boutique market, and raped his customers. But he didn’t. Kudos to the man. This blend is every bit as good as most of the cigars that are twice the price.

I’ve reviewed nine Emilio blends not counting this one. And Griffith has never disappointed. The man has the golden touch. Or at least knows those who do.
The Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars was a real blast to smoke from the start. It never let up on piling on flavors. And the spiciness maintained a strong presence throughout.

The basket full of flavors knows exactly when to attack and when to lay back.
It should be no surprise by now that I highly recommend the Los Regalos Quetzal by Emilio Cigars.

Well, pards, I’ve got four cigars to review left. Three are ready. The fourth is a serpentine perfecto from Isabela Cigars that Johnny Piette, of Prime Cigar, sent me. It will be a few weeks, or a month, before I get to it.

I still have the new Romeo Anejo and the new Nomad Esteli Lot 8613 to review in the next two days and then there will be another from the personal stash of Johnny’s that is being sold in Germany for $48.00-$558 per stick. I look forward to that review as my swan song.

Upon completion of those reviews, I will just fade away. Now and again, when someone sends me a cigar or two, I will review them but the everyday review will disappear forever.

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