Katman’s Top 25 Cigars of 2020 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

  1. Patina Maduro

2. Southern Draw Manzanita

3. Perdomo 10th Anniversary Sun Grown

4. Casdagli Cigars Daughters of the Wind Cremello

5. Black Label Trading Co. Santa Muerte

6. Isabela Transporter

7. Tatuaje Karloff

8. Plasencia Alma del Campo

9. Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship

10.  Surrogates AKC by L’Atelier Imports

11. Aging Room Pura Cepa

12. Southern Draw Firethorn Augusta

13. Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142

14. Diamond Crown Maduro by JC Newman

15. Mi Querida Triqui Traca by DT&T

16. Sobremesa Brûlée

17. Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Brazilian Maduro

18. Don Julio Punta Espada

19. Rocky Patel The Edge Barrel-Aged

20. Sinistro Honor Among Thieves

21. Fratello The Texan

22. 2020 Villiger San’Doro Colorado

23. Murcielago Version 3

24. 2012 by Oscar Barber Pole

25. 1901 Capitolio


  1. Rocky Patel Number 6
  2. Gotham House Blend Connecticut
  3. Cohiba Royale
  4. Ventura Cigars Case Study 03
  5. Jas Sum Kral Fuck the FDA
  6. Yagua by J.C. Newman Cigars
  7. CAO Bones
  8. Rocky Patel Puro Cubano by Hamlet
  9. La Palina Paley’s Vault
  10. Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper


21 replies

  1. Excellent choices, Phil!


  2. Thank you, good and decent Phil…check him out
    Evil Phil

  3. Great List Phil! I have already printed it off and have it taped to the wall next to my humidor and will be treating it the same as the FBI treats it’s America’s Most Wanted List. Neither of us will stop until we get our man. Jeez that sounded a little homoerotic….not that there is anything wrong with that. 😉

  4. You saucy devil…
    I thought those dick pics you sent were by accident. I have them hanging next to my humidor.
    Thank you for the kind words. I will never put up anyone else’s dick pics.
    All my love,

  5. I’m glad to see the Patina get the award it deserves. It truly is an unforgettable cigar experience.

  6. The Capitolio is a nice touch lol. Thanks for the list!

  7. The Capitolio just seemed to capture the feeling of the entire exercise.
    My pleasure,

  8. Well here’s my new Must Have List, even if I gotta share the dog house. Except for the Brulee, I just don’t have the palate to appreciate the subtleties of Connies yet. Maybe in another couple decades.

    Does seem like a bit of recency bias this year though, 6 of the last 7 are included. 5 in the Best and Hamlet in the Shameful money grab category. And the 7th was a Cuban and you’ve mentioned in past lists you don’t list unobtainable cigars.

    To be fair, I’ve tried to wipe 2020 from my brain too, lol. Although I actually caught the Kung Flu in 2019. Yeah you read that right, I was in SE Asia in late December of 19 and started feeling run down somewhere over the Pacific on the flight back. Didn’t even know it was a thing at that point!

  9. Hi Nicholas,
    You are correct sir…about the recency bias. You have to remember I spent 3 months of the year sick with the Milwaukee flu. First a month in April and then October, November and part of December. I had cigars that I knew were capable of making my list but being out of commission so many times forced me to hurry up and review them near the end of the year; and into the new year. I should get a pass on this, if you please.
    Plus, other reviewers and even Cigar Aficionado repeat themselves every year with ‘classic’ blends.

    Any Connie on the list ain’t your grandpa’s Connie. I don’t like mild strength cigars. So, I do have that bias. The Ecuadorian Connecticuts are tasty; and good blenders know how to use them in tandem with some kick ass tobacco that allows a nice balance.

    You got the flu while in Asia? Hard to imagine…At least you didn’t get an STD with legs.
    Thanks again,

  10. Great list. Glad to see you were able to smoke even after been out for a while.

  11. I’ll give the Brulee a shot then, try it with a coffee in the morning so my palate is fresh. Might even try smacking my lips and see if that helps.

    I remember you mentioning you were sick in a couple reviews, the bat jokes on the Murcielago review stand out, lol. Absolutely killer stick, I picked up a 5er of the Rabito (lonsdale 6.5×46). After a couple months of naked humi time it was so good I was bidding on more before I was done smoking. Only Maduro I’ve had that I can remember being better was the original Tabernacle. It was seriously aged to be fair, had to dig through the box at the smoke shop to find one that didn’t have mold on it, which the counter guy was so kind to inform me was actually “plume” *eyeroll*

    But I digress, glad you’re healthy again and wish you a better 2021. Please shoot me your mailing address when you get a chance, I enjoy reading your reviews while I smoke the same stick & I’ve got some you haven’t reviewed yet. Gueguense maduro among a couple others.

    All the best,

    PS: I was given some sage advice a long time ago, wrap it, wash it, whizz it. Hasn’t failed me yet!

  12. “…wrap it, wash it, whizz it.” Holy words to live by. You are wise.
    The Murcielago Version 3 is unavailable. Too bad. I’d love to get some.
    Give the Brulee months of humi time…big difference than ROTT.
    Sure it was plume. He had to get rid of it somehow. Even I need to look online to make sure when I get a cigar covered in plume.
    You can’t be too careful. Smoking pennicillin might be OK. But I pass.
    Thanks again,

  13. I have this to say about the Top 25, if Phil likes it, I will like it. Oh, one more thing while I’m here, can you get me a Curved Air CD obviously during the time you were in the band so I can brag to my listeners that I know you? I will put that music into heavy rotation.

    Best Regards, Kevin

  14. Thanks Kevin,
    I prefer the 1975 Live album because it is the only album I get to rip it during the improvisations.
    You can the CD’s almost anywhere…

  15. Phil,

    I just finished the Santa Muerte in the Robusto size. Holy cow that was one stunning cigar. What a rollercoaster of flavors. I’m going to need time to recuperate! I’ve got to hunt down some more.

  16. Hey Bryant,
    That’s cool Daddy-O.
    There is nothing wrong with using your kids college dough to buy more cigars during a pandemic.

  17. LoL – I think my kids appreciate that cigars keep me happy which = college money if they do their part! Just kidding. I’d fund their schooling with or without cigars.

    Thank you so much for doing what you do, Phil. No other reviewer has flagged so many mind-blowing cigars. The Santa Muerte is extraordinary. It is embarrassing to the reviewing industry that such a cigar can fall under the radar of the mainstream cigar press.

    So with much love I will say: I guess that I’ve been following you for a few years now, and it’s been a great cigar experience.

    All the best to you and your wife!

  18. Hello again Bryant,
    Them’s pretty nice words, pardner.
    I’m here for you Bryant. And lots of others. It is the main gratification I get from my reviews…appreciation from readers like you. Real smokers. Not the assholes that think they invented cigars.

    So, I shall continue to bring to your attention some good cigars and to warn you about toilet floaters.

    All the best and thanks again, man…

  19. Keep up the great work!

    PS: I found a shop that still has the 2019s in stock. I’m going to put them away for special occasions.

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