Casdagli Cigars Daughters of the Wind Cremello | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Costa Rican Puriscal
Filler: Dominican Caramelo and Peruvian Pinar
Size: 7.5 x 39 Lancero
Strength: Medium
Price: $19.00

Today we take a look at the Casdagli Cigars Daughters of the Wind Cremello.
I bought a threesome from Small Batch Cigar.
Yes, I know it this is not an inexpensive cigar. The Bespoke/Casdagli line is a luxury for many smokers. But it is the only brand I will spend this kind of dough for. Jeremy Casdagli’s blends never, ever disappoint and become exciting events in cigar smoking. The Casdagli family has been making high premium cigars for a long time. The cigars released to the U.S are fairly priced. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think Jeremy is getting rich on the American price points.

From Casdagli Cigars web site:
“This cigar is blended especially for Casdagli Cigars at an exclusive IGM Cigars boutique factory in San Jose, Costa Rica.

“Cremello of the Daughters of the Wind Line is the newest addition to Casdagli Cigars family. The new Lancero is handcrafted like the rest of the Daughters of the Wind Line in Costa Rica at the exclusive boutique factory IGM Cigars.

“It’s filler includes the Dominican Caramelo and Peruvian Pinar both core leaves of its sisters and features beautiful notes of cream, coffee and salty caramel, also cedar and white pepper. Produced in Costa Rica, the cigars make use of an atypical range of tobaccos, including the aforementioned fillers embraced by a Costa Rican Puriscal binder and a Habano wrapper from Ecuador.

From Jeremy Casdagli:
“The Lancero encompasses luxury, elegance and tradition. These three attributes became the byword of Casdagli Cigars”
And… “Before the Robusto Revolution of the late 1980s, Premium Cigars were dominated by Lanceros and Lonsdales. The Lancero was the chosen vitola of both my father and myself.

First, this was a difficult cigar to photograph. I’m not very good with a camera and this yard stick was tough. No applause please; just plenty of sympathy and your credit card number.

In room light, the wrapper is almost burnt sienna. In the glare of light, it is an oily beast with hints of copper penny and bronze. Seams are invisible. Very tiny veinage permeates the stick but do nothing to take away its beautiful appearance.

The cigar is perfectly filled…not a single hard or soft spot. Jeremy did tell me to dry box the hell out of it prior to my review. As fortune would have it, it’s been raining heavily for 3 days. I had to do some magic to achieve drying it out a bit…mission accomplished.
And there is an itty-bitty tiny pigtail atop the perfectly applied triple cap.

I manage to remove the cap without removing any tobacco. I call it the yarmulke cut or informal bris.

Aromas are very subtle. I shove my nose into the open cap and foot, and I get a blast of white pepper. Along the shaft, I can notice nuances of cream, cedar, caramel, milk chocolate, a tad bit of creamy coffee, and just a whiff of citrus.

The cold draw presents flavors of graham crackers, buttered popcorn, milk chocolate, creaminess, heavy on rye seeds, citrus, and honey.

Right out of the chute my neck snaps back and I get whiplash from the immediate complexity and flavor profile….creaminess, graham cracker, citrus, rye bread, premium honey, extreme creaminess, melted butter, cedar, and popcorn.

This is why Jeremy is who he is. He has never failed to impress me. The flavors are uber intense. Transitions are not sitting on the sideline…they begin movement like an out of control carousel. Smoke pours from the foot like a Gordo.

I find draw problems with Lanceros most of the time. This is a tough roll to get right. Not today. Exemplary resistance the way I like it. I put my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool away.

The white pepper is just hanging in the corners giving the blend the right amount of punch. In fact, none of the flavors overshadow the others. A wonderful harmony.

This will be my 17th Bespoke/Casdagli review…going back a few years…long before Casdagli became a sponsor. And dear readers, you know I don’t cow tow to sponsors. I lose them because I don’t like a particular blend, then so be it. And I’ve lost a lot due to my need for honesty. Most manufacturers/blenders have insufferable egos. Give 10 of their cigars great reviews and all they remember is the one you didn’t like. Jeremy is the most down to earth guy, considering his status and reputation, in the cigar industry.

I can imagine smoking this cigar in one of his luxurious cigar lounges in Estonia while getting a manicure, picking out an Armani suit and getting a haircut. This is exactly how decadent his blends are. They just lift your spirit and take you on that magical carpet ride.

It is a slow roll. The cigar takes its time…no rush. And I’m just relaxed and happy. 50 years from now, they will have Taste-O-Vison and you’ll be able to experience the cigar with the reviewer. Of course, by then, I will be 120 years old, but I am a direct descendent of Moses (Kohain)…so who knows?

The complexity’s level rises with each puff. Nuances and subtle flavors are swirling around my palate like the Tea Cups at Disneyland.

A perfectly balanced cigar.
Strength is medium. But the white pepper makes it seem a bit stronger.

The creamy caramel is just ridiculous. The butteriness is off the chart. Each flavor tidbit takes its turn with each puff…constant change. Generally speaking, I’m not a Lancero man. But that’s only because few blenders can do it right. This cigar, my dears, is the conversion I’ve been waiting for.

I fully understand why Jeremy prefers Lanceros. Its flavor profile is so passionate and vehement that it can win anyone over.

Clearly, my dry boxing worked nicely.
The first third took over 30 minutes of smoke time.

I’m impressed with the salient and consistent medium strength. It does not waver.
I’ve covered the major flavors within this blend. They, too, do not waver. Their juxtaposition may change, but they are unswerving in their duty to become bolder on command, while still maintaining an underlying level of subtleties and nuance to bolster the blend’s balance.

This is a perfect cigar for my palate. If any cigar can teach you to be a connoisseur of cigars, stick with Jeremy. He is the master.

I rarely give Casdagli cigars less than a perfect rating. I’m not saying they are the best cigars in the world. Although, I do believe it may be true. I can count on one hand the brands/blends that are a smoker’s teacher. I learn something from each of Jeremy’s blends.

I’ve given out perfect ratings to other blends. Some confuse this with me stating that the blend is better than any other. Not true. I give the blend its due. I have a fairly trained palate after smoking cigars regularly for 50 years. There is no shortcut to a sophisticated palate. You only need to be serious about the craft of cigar blending…and have the curiosity to want to experience more. Yes, I know palates are as different as fingerprints. It’s just that some cigars hit my G spot. That’s all I’m saying when I smoke a cigar I believe cannot be improved on…in a good way. They have reached nirvana…without Kurt Cobain at the helm.

This is creaminess you want to bottle…or put in a popper. It coats the inside of my mouth.
I have absolutely no idea how this is done. If I were a cigar industry expert, I might have a chance at explaining this beyond saying the tobacco mixture is top notch and the aging is perfect.

The rye bread is shining now. I get a slather of honey on that piece of toast now. Used to love that as a kid. It was a treat when my mother would make it for me after school.

The caramel and licorice make an ideal pairing. Add to that a touch of citrus, espresso, milk chocolate, a hint of malt, graham cracker and white pepper and we have a spectacular experience.

Of the three I bought from Small Batch Cigar, this is my first stab at it. I’ve had the cigars for around 6 weeks. Jeremy recommends 3-4 months for the optimum enjoyment. You can purchase these from SBC and get 10% off with promo code Katman. I know there are plenty of promo codes that can be used with SBC, but my promo code tells SBC and Jeremy that my readers are in the game.

A sip of water and new flavors erupt…baking spices, cumin, unsalted pretzel, and butterscotch that replaces the caramel. The butterscotch is potent.

As I near the last third, the character of the blend mushrooms. It reaches down deep to deliver the goods. If it becomes any more complex, my pancreas will detonate.

I am sitting here slobbering like a dog. My tongue darts across the inside of my mouth uncontrollably.
And oh joy…I have two left to smoke. I look forward to that.

Lots of good blends are constantly morphing. Not true here. The consistency finds different avenues of expressing itself; but it is the same blend from the first puff. It goes through a series of augmentations that creates a delicate maturity and sophistication.

The cigar’s construction has been impressive. No burn issues. The cigar never gets soft as some Lanceros do as you get near the end. Just a joy to smoke.

I get the same emails from manufacturers and online stores you get. When I take a look at the prices of the new boutiques getting close to $20, I just gotta laugh. The PR remains the same making the cigar seem like the second coming. Truth is you can find great cigars in the $10 range all the time. Or you can step into your Lear jet and go for the gold with a Casdagli and get more than your money’s worth.

As a senior, I must be careful with my cigar budget. Casdaglis are always a treat. It’s OK. I deserve it. Like so many boutiques that go to the clearance aisle a year after its release, you will never see a Bespoke go there. They never falter. And they are never over sold in the PR department.

The last third is beyond marvelous. There is a fluidity in the blend that never allows your palate or interest to falter. In fact, I am so enchanted by the Cremello, I can’t think of a single funny thing to say. I’m overcome with a serene sense of being. I can be a smart aleck in my next review.

The last third reaches medium/full. It is going out with a right hook. And then an uppercut.

Occasionally, on social media, I see some guy’s photo of how he just bought several boxes of Casdagli blends. I cannot control my jealousy.

There is no need for a recap of the flavor profile…by now, you’ve gotten the idea.

This Lancero allows me to understand Jeremy even more than I thought I did…and why he prefers this size.

If you really want to treat yourself, get some. Just don’t smoke one ROTT. Be patient.



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30 replies

  1. Kohn,

    Always enjoy the reviews!

    Tried the Cotton Tail a week ago for a review. Blown away! Still have 3 in the humidor, as I gifted one to a friend. Have 3 different blends heading my way, and looking forward to them!


  2. Hey Phil,
    Thank you, sir.
    Never give away a Casdagli unless it is gifted to your wife or your parole officer.
    Enjoy, brother…
    Phil Sr.

  3. Your reviews drive me freakin’ up a wall!! Now I just GOTTA have me some of those sticks. I just ordered from Small Batch. And you already know I’m primarily a Cuban stick smoker. But dying to give these a try.

    Thanks bud.

    Rod (aka Dr. Rod 😉

  4. Karman,

    Love your reviews. You have converted me to a Casdagli snob.

    Quickie: have you reviewed a Diamond Crown Maximus Maduro?

    James Saldivar Sent from my iPhone Please excuse any typos as this was sent from my iPhone


  5. Hi James,
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    I have the Maduros sitting in my humidor. Maybe a good time to review one.
    Don’t worry about auto correct or that you are smarter than your smart phone.
    All the best,

  6. I got a box of these a couple weeks ago on a VIP special buy and, with extra savings, paid about $10.50/stick….bonus. Smoked one ROTT and detected standard DOTW flavors. Interestingly, the boveda inside the bespoke box (not the one SBC includes outside the box) was petrified. So they were probably reasonably dried from a long shipping/storage process. In any case, I have litttle doubt they will only get better. I own most Bespoke blends and consider them best NCs in world (alongside opus when they are “on”). Pony express might be my favorite of all of them.

  7. Billy…that was a killer deal.
    I don’t understand the mummified Boveda packet. Was the box sealed?
    I just bought a 3 pack and my sticks arrived a little over humidified. Jeremy told me that there had been some issues with that and suggested I give the cigars some serious dry box time. The slightly wet sticks don’t smoke well and certainly don’t taste as expected.
    I hear ya on the impatience thing. Sometimes the devil sits on our shoulders whispering sweet nothings into our ears…and we should not listen…and then…
    The SBC VIP Club is around $250 a year…is that right?
    If I had Dr. Rod’s money, I would go for it and then sit tight until another Bespoke/Casdagli special appeared and make my wife hate me for another 35 years.
    I totally agree with you about their status in the cigar world. None of the high premium brands/blends have the ultra consistency of Jeremy Casdagli.
    All the best,

  8. Many I really wanna try a bespoke/Casdagli but it’s really hard to pull the trigger with the price point. Been disappointed way more times than not when buying a stick over $20. Maybe one day when I grow a pair but man I regularly get oliva melanios for under $10 a stick and its hard to pull the trigger on something 2-3x times as much as a melanio.

  9. Hey Zack,
    It’s up to you when you choose to grab your nuts and know confidently that your Uncle Katman is telling you it’s OK to go overboard once in a while. Don’t you deserve a treat occasionally? I’ve helped with piquing your interest in something that will spoil you. Whatever your go to cigars are…is fine, as long as you enjoy them. I’m egging you on to try a brand that is in the same price category as the Opus X varieties, the Padrons, and the Davidoffs…but the Casdagli is better. When have I lied to you?
    Peace, Love, and Understanding…

  10. Hi Katman. I’m trying to remember if Bespoke boxes come sealed in cellophane…..I know SBC wraps the s–t out of their shipments. Yes their VIP is $250 for 6 months. When you pay the $250 they send a box or more of stuff worth usually about $350-400 MSRP as a “gift” for joining VIP. Thus it’s “free” to sign up. Their gifts are not as good as they used to be, but it’s still a great deal. Once you are VIP you always get 20% off anything, plus 5% rebate on future purchases. Plus they have special VIP discounts, usually up to 30% plus 5% rebate all the time. Not to mention freebie throw-in sticks when minimum thresholds are met. (Davidoff royal, etc). It’s still the best deal out there for NCs…they take care of their VIP members. Can’t say enough about Andrew and his team.

  11. I’m pretty sure they are shrink wrapped. Yours wasn’t?
    The VIP club sounds pretty cool. But something always seems to get in the way each time I have an opportunity to join…like paying for my brain transplant from the young chimp at the Milwaukee Zoo. I do love bananas, though.

  12. Great review, that profile sounds just about perfect for me. Mouth is watering.

    I have been revisiting some old favorites as of late, I am smoking thru a box of El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Supremas and they are quite good. Back in the day these were some of my favorites but the cigars being churned out nowadays just have so much more complexity. (And a bigger price tag)

  13. I love DoTW, but the Cremello was a huge disappointment. Two of the three that I smoked had major draw issues after months of humidor time. The first one I had was only okay. Lanceros are very much hit and miss in my experience, and this one is a solid miss.

  14. Lanceros are not foreign to draw issues. That is why a PerfecDraw tool is worth its weight in gold. I haven’t met a lancero that didn’t need a poke.
    I wish you had a better experience.

  15. Unfortunately, the Perfect Draw couldn’t save the Cremellos. The plugs were too much given the diameter.

  16. This is a bummer. I shall forward your comments to Jeremy Casdagli.

  17. Do you dry box your smokes? I have had a lot less burn/draw issues, especially w the skinnies, since I have been dry boxing them. CHEERS

  18. I always pick what I think I want to smoke over the next 3 days and dry box those cigars. Pain in the arse.
    It’s been rainy, and hence, humid…so it’s been a chore.
    And now it’s Wisconsin warm (75-85) and it’s always humid here in summer, so double chore.
    Jeremy told me to make sure I dry box the Cremellos because they were shipped a little wet or got so in the shipping process.
    Two days and it was perfect. I also find the draw resistance 100% better when a cigar is dry boxed. I didn’t need to use my PerfecDraw tool; which, for me, is extremely rare for a lancero. But then it is a Casdagli.

  19. I keep my cigars locked at 69%, so dry boxing isn’t the issue. I think it’s just bad rolling. I could feel the “cigar damn” in the cigar. It was just rock hard in a certain section below the band.

  20. Getting a bad cigar can happen to any brand.
    I have spoken to others that have bought the Cremello and seems you are the only one to have issues.
    Contact SBC if that’s where you got them and tell them.

  21. I totally agree that there can be a bad stick from any company, but the reviewer at Half Wheel had the same issue. He gave it a 73. I’d have to agree.

  22. I would suggest you contact Casdagli Cigars and let them know how you feel.
    Here is the link to their Contact page:

  23. I bought three of these from Small Batch. They’re located just about a 20 minute drive away from me, so I received them in one day. I waited just one week and smoked the first one — I didn’t have the will power to wait longer. I kept the cigars for one week in a small absolutely air-tight little case smothered with 65% Boveda packs.

    As much as I love using my PerfecDraw, the draw was absolutely perfect so I didn’t use it. I’m a Cuban guy — my favorites are the Monte #2 and the Partagas Serie E #2. But I have to say that I don’t ever remember enjoying a non-Cuban more than the Daughters of the Wind Cremello. I thought it was great.

  24. I have been smoking hand rolled cigars for
    more than 30 years and have been enjoying your reviews for a few years now. I have just recently found SmallBatchCigars and just ordered a 3 pack of the Daughters of the Wind Cremello, most expensive cigar I have ever purchased. I’ve also new to smoking Lonsdale and Lancero vitolas. Back in the day I found small ring gage cigars smoked hot and quickly.
    Not a pleasant experience. A few weeks ago I tried the 2019 Lirio Rojo an excellent smoke. On your recommendation am trying the Dotwimd.

  25. Hi Dave,
    Nice to hear from you. Just remember to please let the Cremello sit for a couple months naked in your humidor before lighting up.
    And since there were some issues with the sticks being a bit over humidified, a good idea to dry box the cigars for a couple days before lighting up.
    All the best,

  26. Dear Katman,

    Something that I have discovered by accident….almost a year ago my large wineador that I converted to a humidor began to maintain a slightly lower humidity closer to 63%-65% on average despite my efforts to regularly refill the humidity jars. I even added a container of distilled water in an effort to boost the humidity level but it remains fairly constant in the mid to low 60’s regardless. I kind of gave up battling with it and I figured I would keep an eye on the condition and overall smoking performance of my cigars and replace the unit at some point if I found a good deal on a new unit. What I have noticed is for the past 8-10 months is my cigars have never really seemed adversely affected by the lower humidity. I have also noted that the instances of plugged or poorly drawing cigars has almost disappeared while burn and flavors from each smoke seem to be excellent. Full disclosure…I don’t tend to hoard cigars for long term aging and nothing rests in my humidor for much longer than 3-4 months before getting turned to ash. I also don’t really seem to need to dry box a cigar before smoking it if I don’t want to. In your opinion is storing cigars at a lower humidity like 63%-65% for less than 6 months really a bad thing if my results when smoking seem to be excellent? What are the potential risks in your opinion of maintaining this slightly lower humidity level in my humidor because I cannot seem to see any.

  27. My Newair 400 count humidor/wineador is nothing but aggravation. They added cedar shelves and drawers but the entire inside is still plastic. And therefore, if I fill it, the humidity has no where to go. It ruined a shit load of my cigars. I added sheets of cedar, I added blocks of cedar, I added several pumpkin pies. I use beads for humidity and no matter how I adjusted it, it still became over humidified. So it sits in the corner making a nice paper weight.

    In my normal humidors, I keep the humidity around 65%+/-. If it falls too far below that, my cigars get dried out. I check a couple times per week so I haven’t experienced cigars submitted to lower humidity.
    Send a photo of your wineador.

  28. Is there a trick to adding a picture to my reply? I can’t seem to figure it out and cut and paste doesn’t work.

  29. As far as I know, there is no way to add a photo in a comment. I will look at my NASA WordPress dashboard and see if I can correct that.

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