Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Filler: Cuban
Size: 4.875 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium
Price: $7.00-$8.50 (Prices Vary Tremendously)



Today is Day #2 of Cuban Week and we take a look at a cigar that most of you have probably smoked: Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010)

The Ramón Allones Specially Selected was originally released in 1980 and was produced at the Partagás Factory (Fernando Perez German).
The actual brand became a reality in 1837 due to a partnership of Ramón and Antonio Allones. As companies go, so did this one and a long line of owners took over, one after the other. The current owner is the Cifuentes Company.
The non-Cuban cigar is manufactured by General Cigar in Honduras.
Cigar bands have changed over the years. This one made its debut in 2006.

The wrapper is pure caramel color. Lots of small toothiness and a nice oily sheen. The wrapper feels rough to the touch and a solid amount of packing. Seams are tight, lots of veins and near perfectly applied triple cap.
The sun was out from the very first photo and shows the cigar a bit lighter than it really is but then you can see the oil and texture better this way.

The shaft smells of cocoa, spice, sweetness, barnyard, a wonderful light floral note, and leather.
The clipped cap and foot bring big doses of chocolate, cream, spice, stronger floral notes, wood, and earthiness.
The cold draw tastes of hay, leather, sweetness, chocolate, and earthy tobacco.

The first puffs are delicious. Full of spiciness, chocolate, earthiness, sweetness, coffee, toasty, and earthy tobacco.
The burn line is in check.
The draw is tad bit tight for my preferences. But no cigar awl needed.

A fruity element appears. It’s cherries. As well as some rich honey tones.

As I put the cigar down to take a photo, a waft of smoke rises in the air and I smell those floral notes. There is also an addition of herbal notes.

Five years of humidor time has done this cigar a solid. I read a couple reviews that couldn’t wait to review the cigar after they got it and said that the stick needed more time than the allowed.
They didn’t get to taste what I am enjoying. Many thanks to my reader buddy that took the time to send me a couple of these Cubans.

Herbal tea with honey is next up to bat.

Nuttiness adds to the fun. The Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) is one transition after another. The honey element makes the newly acquired almonds taste honey roasted.
The chocolate becomes richer and more potent with each puff.
The strength is medium+ body. And the char line has been dead nuts from the start. No touch ups needed.

The second third starts out with complexity digging its heels in. So many flavors at hand. Here they are: Cream, spice, chocolate, coffee, honey, cherries, nuts, toasty, leather, and earthy tobacco.

I’m going to break from tradition and rate this cigar at the end of the review.
This is one of the most impressive cigars I’ve smoked.

I was gifted a second RASS but we can’t figure out the year. Obviously, as it has the same cigar band it must have been produced from 2006 to the present. The only thing my gifter could remember was that he has had it for several years. RA makes it impossible to tell what year it was made in. I bring this up because if there was a decent disparity in the years, I might review the other one as well.

The Cuban Twang just hit paydirt. Holy crap! The Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) is just friggin unbelievable. This is the highlight of my week…perfect construction, perfect draw, perfect set of flavors, bold complexity, and tobacco richness with no match. At least not in my recent history.
Black licorice shows up. LOL. This is just crazy.

I’ve got a massive 4” of wood. I’m Jewish, give me a break. Ever seen a single Jew in a porno move? Besides that idiot Ron Jeremy? There is a reason for that. When God chose us, he said, “Thou shalt have tiny wieners but go and prosper and make no mind of your wives’ complaints.”
Look up the word “Smooth” in the dictionary and there is a photo of the Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010).

Over the years, I’ve only smoked Cubans given to me because I got burned a couple times with online stores. And I wasn’t that impressed. The Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) changes all that.
The black licorice really takes off now. It brings with it an even more intense creaminess, chocolate, honey, and floral notes.

The strength hits a classic medium/full body. And some nicotine.
Smoke time has been 35 minutes.
I’m going to rate it now. Yes this early. Unless the cigar takes a dump on my chin nothing is going to change how I feel about it.
I give it a 98! Near perfection. Man oh man what I wouldn’t give for a box of these. I know Cigars of Habanos sells a 10 count box for a very reasonable price but it is the aging process that turns me off.

As I’ve said many, many times, I need to buy cigars that mature quickly in order to allow me to smoke for pleasure from one SS check to the other. No. I don’t get checks from the Third Reich. Social Security.

Man, the Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) is flaming now. This is what every cigar should aspire to. A constant rotation of transitions and complexity.
You know how often that happens? About 10% of the time. Even the new “In” boutique blends can’t touch this blend.
If I can figure out what year my other RASS is from, I will definitely review it. I want to put the comparison in writing.

At this point, I should just take a selfie and post it. It would show a giant smile on my puss and that will explain everything. But then I wouldn’t want to scare the little ones.

Ever wonder how weird sizes come about? Why 4.875” and not 5” What is an eighth of an inch between friends? There are a ton of examples where a cigar’s length has .3 after it. .3? Do they have cigar molds just sitting around and they want to use them? Or did the mold manufacturer fuck up?
The sun went away. Now you can see the true color of the cigar which is a bit darker than earlier shots.
The Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) was a very special treat. I had no expectations coming into this review. Other than I know it is a very popular, and inexpensive, blend.

It shocked the shit out of me.
The Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) finishes just as perfectly as it started. Full of flavor, character, and complexity.
Not a hint of harshness or heat. No bitterness. Instead of being soft and spongy at the end, it remains solid.
The Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2010) requires its first touch up at the burn line.
What a great morning.

This was about as near perfection of a cigar experience as I’ve attained in years.
I have to figure out how to get some of these with some age on them. If I buy new ones, I might be dead before they are ready to smoke.

And now for something completely different:

My beloved L.A. Dodgers were in the World Series. I had a great group of friends and we watched every game together.
From Wikipedia:
“This Series had two memorable confrontations between Dodger rookie pitcher Bob Welch and the Yankees’ Reggie Jackson. In Game 2, Welch struck Jackson out in the top of the ninth with two outs and the tying and go-ahead runs on base to end the game. Jackson would get his revenge in Game 6 by smashing a two-run homer off Welch in the seventh to increase the Yankees’ lead from 5–2 to 7–2 and put a final “exclamation point” on the Yankees’ victory.”

That evening was the night that Welch had struck out Jackson. And So Cal was jubilant. We were at Richie’s, and his wife, Delores’ apartment down in Belmont Shore in Long Beach. It was me and my skank of a girlfriend, April. And another couple I can’t remember. Doug Page was there. The living embodiment of the Big Lebowski. Always had a drink in his hands whether he was driving or sitting on the couch.

Doug became a good buddy whom we met from playing volleyball at the beach. And my wacko friend, John Turner, who I knew in high school and became best buds.
The game had ended and we were celebrating, drinking tequila and smoking doobs. John announced he was making a booze run and off he went.
He returned with Dodger’s pitcher, Bob Welch, in tow. We literally fell out of our chairs.

John had found a drunken Welch in a bar next to the liquor store on 2nd St where the action was in Belmont Shore. Sort of a mini Sunset Strip.
He then convinced Welch that a hip and happening party was going on and he dragged him over to us. Hip and Happening? We were literally sedated from weed and booze.

There were three couples, (And John and Doug) listening to music and getting sloshed.

Welch plopped himself down in a chair opposite the couch, leaned back in the chair putting it on two legs and propped his feet up on the coffee table. Delores did not like this one bit.

Welch was completely shit faced and began telling us gossip about the Dodgers. Then he started complaining how they didn’t treat him right. He bitched about Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda….and how someone else got a snazzier sports car than he got, etc, etc, etc. Poor Welch.

Then he started bitching about the hip and happening party. He became severely rude. He called our wives and girlfriends skanky bitches. Richie, who was from Philly, was a tough dude and got up and knocked Welch’s chair out from under him.
Welch was a big guy. And he shook the apartment with the thud his body made.

He got up and was ready to fight. He was in shape and 21. We were all nearing our 30th birthdays and not in shape like this athlete.

We later learned that Welch was a full blown alcoholic which got him traded to the Oakland Athletics in 1988.
John held back Welch and I held back Richie. Welch kicked over the coffee table spewing drinks and bowls of chips and dip everywhere.

And then he sat down again.

We all looked at each other in wonderment. This can’t be happening. Here was the star of the L.A. Dodgers on the night they beat the NY Yankees and all we wanted was for him to leave.

My very timid, and meek, girlfriend spoke up first and asked him to leave.

Welch went into a tirade and cursed at us in a nonstop blue streak. It took John, Richie, Doug and I to move his body to the door where we could still hear him swearing at us as he stumbled down the street.

I have some more gossipy baseball stories to be discussed.
My wife was in her mid 20’s and a flight attendant for Lufthansa Airlines. But still a German citizen. She hooked up with San Francisco Giants’ ace pitcher John Montefusco. They were engaged for two years and she has the dirt on everyone in baseball.
To be continued….

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7 replies

  1. The odd sizes are due to the conversion from metric measure. The RASS is 124mm long.

  2. Fucking A I love to read happy reports! Glad that stick hit the mark.
    Oh & btw, I was a baseball junky @ one point in my life. I’ve lost interest over the last few years for a bevvy of reasons. But I’d absolutely LOVE to hear the dirt C has on some of those overpaid prima donnas!!!

  3. And 124mm is not odd? Why not 125mm? Or 130mm? Either way, it’s an odd length.

  4. I have given thought to that. The dirt I have is libel or defamation of character. Of course, it’s true. But their lawyers have more money than my lawyers.
    It was stories about drug abuse, running drugs from the DR, wild binges of booze and drug filled orgies, etc. Doesn’t paint a pretty picture of these very well known baseball players.

  5. Understood. But they can’t really do nothing if a couple of those stories come up in casual converstions. I mean the whole world knows that those guys are no angels. Well, at least not the ones playing in Anahiem. The whole sport is about as corrupt & top heavy as shoot, just about everything else is these days. We’ll have to continue this discussion over the phone You still have my cell #?

  6. Together with the Upmann Connoisseur No 1, easily the most consistent and reliable of all the Cuban robustos. I too get mine from Ravi at COH. They are quite enjoyable when new, really are pretty damn good at 18 months, hit their stride at 3 years and IMHO don’t show any notable improvement after 4 years. You should be able to get a year-old box from COH. They only have 25s and 50s, BTW. Other affordable sticks that smoke well young (but also age well) are the Montecristo Petite Edmundo and the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto.

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