Cigar Review- Oliveros King Havano Black Knight Mace

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6 x 60 Box Pressed (Mace)

Body: Full

Price: $8.00


The King Havano is intriguing, especially in the giant 6 x 60 box press called the Mace.

It is like a dark chocolate candy bar. It is very toothy. The construction is superb with tight seams and very little veins.

The sniff-o-rama detects some wonderful cocoa aromas. And pepper and baking spices at the foot. Big dose of cinnamon. And some cedar accompanied by a sweet tobacco component.

I punch the elephant and light ‘er up.

I get faint tastes of cereal, bread, and wood. No cocoa. The smoke billows to the heavens. The draw is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Ahhh…some spice arrives on the tip of my tongue and ramps up quickly. The cigar starts off at being a strong medium body. The stick is meaty and for cave men only.

The char line is a bit erratic. We shall see what we shall see.

Some real attention to detail was attended to here. The cigar becomes well balanced almost immediately. There is oomph to it.

Mind you, I have had these cigars in my humidor for over 2 months. Smoking it right away is a no no. Give it time to breathe and expand with everything the blender had in mind.

The burn line is going to require some help so I jump in and help it.


Because of the size of this stick, it will take well over 2 hours to consume it. So I will come back and forth to the review.

The cocoa arrives tooting its own horn…right behind it is some dainty creaminess that is the perfect compliment.

A slight citrusy taste emerges and I am still only in the first third.

As I enter the second third, the flavors become bolder. The spice is leading the race.

A swig of water and I taste coffee. A light coffee, not espresso.

If I choose to smoke a 60 ring gauge, I much prefer the box pressed style. It is easier to hold on to without your hands. It has the perfect mouth to cigar shape proportion. Something to gnaw on making it easier to smoke.

I am enjoying the hell out of this cigar. I believe I got it on a CI special, or a special, or maybe Free Fall on cbid. No memory. Way too much pot in the 60’s.

As a young Hippie, my best friend’s girlfriend’s parents owned a cabin in Yucca Valley, CA. Past Palm Springs in the middle of nowhere. From Anaheim, it was about a 2-1/2 hour drive.

We always got a bunch of us to go. Normally, we went in pairs with our girlfriends, but occasionally, there was a third wheel friend who was always in despair  because he could not keep a relationship going…because of him, of course.

We would plan the weekend for a month in advance, storing up organic drugs like squirrels. We would take pot, hash, hash sticks, hash oil, peyote, mushrooms and acid.

As the stick gets to the halfway point, the power is increasing incrementally. The spice grows but so does the creaminess. And the cocoa and coffee just add a wonderful heartiness to the profile. It feels like the cigar wants to hit the full body point, but it stays at a hearty medium. If this was a very strong full bodied stick, it would take forever to smoke it.

The cabin had 3 double beds and a bunk bed. It had a nice kitchen, electricity, a picnic table, and a shitter out back. During the day, we hiked. There were some large hills about an hour away that conceal long closed mines which we sometimes investigated; but we knew, even in our state, it was dangerous.

One day, a bunch of us climbed to the top of the hill. A couple miles off, we saw two large black cars coming toward us. They were limousines. They stopped at the base of the hill below us. Several men in black suits and ties got out and began to walk a grid. We looked at each other and made the sign to shut the fuck up. These men never looked up…if they did, they would have no trouble spotting us. We were Indian still.

They spend half an hour staring at the ground looking for something and as quickly as they arrived, they got back in their cars and drove off. We climbed down the hill and investigated ourselves. Nothing.

What the fuck were they looking for? And what would have happened if they saw us? The mystery was never solved.

I hit the last third of the cigar. It is fucking delicious.

This portion of the cigar only amplifies the early flavor profile. Nothing is added to the mix.

But it is extraordinarily pleasing. Well balanced with a nice long finish.

There is a slight sweetness, but only in the background.

The last bit of the cigar is full of flavor. It is still a good medium bodied stick. The cocoa, coffee, spice, sweetness, cinnamon, and creaminess are not lurking in the back ground, but rather, screaming their lungs out declaring, “Here I am!!”

While the stick can be had for retail at $8, if you peruse cbid, you can find it for $5 or less. Timing is everything.

I highly recommend this cigar. It is the perfect start of the day stick. Go get ‘em.

At night, a camp fire was in order. We would make our dinner inside the cabin and we did not skimp. And then go outside and sit on beach chairs around the fire.

After dinner, we would consume hallucinogenics of one kind or another…sometimes everything hallucinogenic was consumed at the same time.

We spent the night staring at the beautiful stars, talking, laughing, and walking around looking for buried treasure and then watching the sun rise.

We would take final hits on a last doobie and make breakfast. We would spend about 6 hours sleeping and wake up late afternoon and start the day with new vigor, if not with a slight drug hangover; quickly eviscerated by the first joint of the day.

All those people are now scattered to the four winds of the world. But we all retain those simple, truly enjoyable memories of fun to the nth power.


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