Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo ‘99
Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo ‘98
Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo ‘98, Corojo ‘99
Size: 5.625 x 46 “Corona”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.75 MSRP







Today we take a look at the new Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández. A 5 pack gift from an anonymous reader.

I recently reviewed the Futuro Selección 109 by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández. Same blend, different size (6 x 52 Toro).
We know, as experienced smokers, size matters so as there is a sorely missed spot for reviews of this particular size. Plus, I got emails from readers telling me they liked this size better. And…I’m very lazy this morning.

“I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink
I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink.”

Now I gave the Futuro Selección 109 a staggering 96 rating. It is going to be difficult to beat that.
I’m going to make a point in not re-reading my review so as to give this review a fair shot and so that I don’t duplicate details.

The blend started out as a limited production run but there are still plenty of the cigars out there. You just gotta look.
BTW- I received a 5 pack of the Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández and a 5 pack of the Blind Man’s Bluff by Caldwell Cigar Company from an anonymous reader who purchased them from Small Batch Cigar. Thank you kind sir.

I’ve only given this cigar a week’s humidor rest. Coronas are typically ready to go soon after receipt especially when they are produced by monster manufacturers. The Caldwell cigar is big and needs some time.

As a side note, I only gave the much bigger Futuro Selección 109 a week’s rest after testing the waters first. This goes a long way in demonstrating the skill and voracity of the two cigar companies and their blenders.

Debuted at the 2015 IPCPR trade show.
Factory: Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA) in Estelí, Nicaragua.

From the Warped Cigars web site:
“Futuro started as an idea at the 2014 IPCPR in Las Vegas between Kyle Gellis of Warped and Max Fernandez, son of Eduardo Fernandez of AGANORSA. The idea behind Futuro was simple but overly complicated, create a flavor profile and experience like nothing Warped nor Casa Fernandez has done previously.

“Utilizing AGANORSA’s material from their “vault”, a section of their storage facility under lock and key and home to their most prized material, life was given to this AGANORSA puro.

“Futuro will be offered in 2 vitolas in SLB’s of 20. The selected sizes and shapes were individually chosen by Kyle and Max to reflect their own preferences while blending Futuro.

“The Selección 109 uses the historic 109 cap or “bullet cap” from Cuba. Max’s version is more open to subtle flavors and mixed with the unique 109 cap it’s an experience to have.”

Production is limited to 400 boxes of 20 in each size.
Casa Fernandez is currently producing two of Warped Cigars blends: La Hacienda and Flor del Valle.
The two sizes are Kyle Gellis’ Selección Suprema (5.625 x46), and Max Fernandez’s Selección 109 (6×52).

The Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández is even more rustic looking than the Fernandez version. Very lumpy and bumpy. Wrinkles. Exposed seams and lots of veins. Very solid with some give.
The wrapper is the colors of chocolate covered caramel cut in half. It is oily and very smooth to the touch.
It has a perfectly applied triple cap. A nice Cuban throwback cigar band.

KG: Selección Suprema = 5.625 x 46 $8.75 MSRP
MF: Selección 109 = 6 x 52 $9.75 MSRP
The supply is dwindling. Small Batch Cigar has them. Summit Cigars has them.

The shaft smells of floral notes, spice, sweetness, barnyard, and cedar.
The clipped cap and the foot smell of cocoa, sweetness. Spice, coffee, cream, and wood.
The cold draw presents flavors of dark baking cocoa, sweetness, spice, cream, and earthy tobacco notes.

Time to light ‘er up.
Nice draw. Flavors bombard my palate immediately with a heavy duty adult portion of red pepper, creamy milk chocolate, cedar, malts, cedar, coffee, a rich buttery biscuit flavor, and an earthy tobacco note.
Here are the malts, so far: Biscuit Malt, Chocolate Malt, and Coffee Malt.


The flavor profile is extremely intense half an inch in. Now I see what my readers meant. Small is good. Unless your wife tells you different.

There is a mystery flavor I can’t get my palate to identify. The Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández is most definitely super complex by the first inch. The balance is wonderful. And the finish is a mile long.
Strength is medium body.

New flavors of toffee, floral notes…Aha! I’ve got the missing flavor: Chocolate nougat. Like in a Three Musketeer’s candy bar.

I loved those as a kid. Always my first choice until I discovered the U-NO bar which was more mousse-like. Very upscale for an over the counter candy bar.


Malts spread out…as Moe would say. Ever since I read Kaplowitz’s latest posting, I’ve been on a Three Stooges OCD thing.
The Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández is a much more intense blend than the 109. Obviously, due to size.

Spiciness is a power house but doesn’t touch the hems of the other flavors. Works with them; not against them.
Construction has been top notch and the char line is behaving itself.

Smoke time is 25 minutes.
Strength is still medium body.

Digging this baby. SBC has them only in boxes. Surprisingly, Cbid has the 109 up for auction. JR has them in boxes only. And so on and so on. Clearly, the Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández was the more popular cigar because of its size. While the 109 still is sold by just about every online store. But hey..I gave the 109 a 96!

Thank goodness that I had the tiny puny brain to think of using a broken arm sling for my photographs. This has really improved the shots and controlled my tremors.


I believe that this size, 5.625 x 46 is the most favored size of experienced smokers.
Here they are in different format: Spice, coffee, creaminess, nougat, toffee, chocolate, malts, sweetness, dried dates, and a yeasty element.

Since I didn’t re-read my 109 review prior to this review to keep me honest, I believe that this is the better cigar. Intense flavor profile almost from the start. A startling balance. And a muy significativo finish.

Here is the malt line up: Chocolate Malt, Flaked Oats Malt, Coffee Malt, and Mild Ale Malt.
The downside to this smaller size is a quicker smoke. Bummer Daddy-O’s.

The char line has needed several minor touch ups. Something that the 109 did not need. I dry boxed the Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández for 48 hours. So it’s the rolling.
Still, I love this blend.
As I’ve mentioned, I am using the site to now chronicle things in my life for my wife and, especially, for my almost 30 year old daughter, Katie.

Smoke time is 35 minutes.
Strength is medium/full.
The spiciness is now a combo of both black and red peppers.

Oiliness reaches my lips reminding me of something buttery. The dried dates disappear. The malts shoot for the moon. The chocolate nougat is screaming laughter. And the creaminess and coffee are now an expensive Starbuck’s drink. A sea of swarming simbas.


The char line on the Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández is now totally in check and razor sharp.
I’m milking everything I can out of this cigar by smoking it oh so slowly. Which is apparent by my running of the mouth.
Tomorrow, I will begin to review the Cabreras cigar line. It will surprise you. If I give the 6 blends rave reviews, CI will pick them up.

Raisins. Vanilla. Sweet cedar. Lemon citrus. All new flavors.

There is no let up on the complexity. And what I believe makes a good cigar great: Transitions. Plenty of them.
My Packers are doing well. How about your team? Charlotte is a diehard Raiders fan. What a heartbreaker yesterday. They lost in the last 6 seconds.

Finally, a good song on the cable TV classic rock station: “Shock the Monkey” by Peter Gabriel.
The top 3 flavors are Chocolate, spice, and malts.
The char line needs a major tune up. Big difference between this cigar and the 109. Will affect my rating.

Smoke time is 50 minutes.
I don’t think I can second the motion that this size is better than the 109’s. It was more intense but not in a major way. And the constant burn line issue did not happen with the 109.

The Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández is super smooth now. The body is very rich with decadent flavors and very complex.
Nicotine arrives.


The Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández now tastes like that U-NO bar. Lots of chocolate, nougat, creaminess and malts. The spiciness is on the wane. So are the other flavors.
Now that I’ve smoked the Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández, I’ve decided that I like the 109 better. Not by much. Splitting hairs really.

The Futuro Selección Suprema is over too quickly.
Great way to end the review with the TV radio station playing The Beatles’ “Happiness is a Warm Gun” from the White Album.
I highly recommend this cigar and am disconsolate that these cigars are limited production runs.


Certainly worth the MSRP of $8.75. If you go to SBC, the box price is $8.30. Minus the 10% promo code and they are $7.47. And these cigars are definitely box worthy. The problem is that the size is difficult to find in any count less than 20. You can still buy a 5 pack of the 109’s at SBC for $8.10 after discount. Much better than the MSRP of $9.75 per stick.

The Futuro Selección Suprema by Warped Cigars & Casa Fernández deserves the same summation as the 109.
Kyle Gellis and Max Fernandez are journeymen of their craft. I hope we don’t have to wait a year for their next blend to surface.

This was a very special cigar experience. I cannot remember a blend this complex and flavorful.
The only cigar to come close was one I reviewed back in July. Ezra Zion All My Ex’s.
A great cigar to review, first thing in the morning, makes my whole day.


News and updates:
I’ve said that I want my last reviews to be a chronicle for my wife and daughter…mostly for my only child, Katie.

For my daughter.
I have no living relatives except for my daughter and a sister. My sister is 7 years younger than me and just disappeared. The family tragedy. She hasn’t worked for a living in 40 years. She made a living by suing doctors and hospitals. She also had a massive prescription drug problem. She spends her days shopping for doctors that will prescribe her more drugs.

I have no idea where she is now. And I don’t have the money for a private investigator. So it is up to her to contact me.
Both my mother’s and father’s parents were from Germany and Hungary; respectively.

Back in the 1930’s, both families saw the writing on the wall. The Nazis. So they high tailed it out of Europe and came to America. Both families traveling through Ellis Island into New York.

My father was born in 1923 and my mother was born in 1926. So they came to this country as children.
Neither had siblings.
So, I’m first generation in the U.S.A.

The rest of their families didn’t believe that Germany would annihilate the Jews. No idea. So they stayed and were murdered in the concentration camps.

One day while my grandfather was making his twice a year visit from Pittsburgh to our home in Long Beach, CA, he announced that he had a cousin that didn’t come to this country til the late 1940’s. He spent the war in Bergen Belsen.
I was shocked. I was only around 17 and had never heard my grandfather speak of his cousin.

He and his wife came over for the afternoon. I sat and listened to his stories about life in the camp. After 25 years, this was still upfront in his mind.

I only remember one story. He and his wife and toddler arrived at Bergen Belsen. They were herded off the train. He became separated from his wife. As he screamed for her, a Nazi soldier walked over to her and grabbed their child.
The Nazi then beat the child against a brick wall until he was dead.

I broke out into tears. The cousin was manic and in tears as he told this story.
His new wife told us that he still woke up in the middle of the night with night terrors.

They left and I never saw or heard from him again.

I grew up with holidays devoid of a big family. It was just my father, my mother, my sister and me.
We never spoke of the Holocaust. But at that age, I read everything I could about the subject. And then I stopped.
I had had enough.

To this day, anything on TV about the Holocaust gets a pass by me. I know all I need to know. My family was taken away from me and my parents and my grandparents.

My daughter has never really shown any interest in these things. A different generation.
This will be here, ready, for her to read when I’m gone.

I plan to allow my web site to live long past my place on the planet. I will make sure both Charlotte and Katie know how to keep the blog up and running, paying the annual fees, and maintaining the Comments section. This makes me happy. Although, at some point, I will become terribly dated in my material content. So I will let them decide when it is time to put the Katman’s work to rest.

I love you both dear daughter and beloved wife.

katie K


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