Protocol Sir Robert Peel ~ Natural | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 52 Toro
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $11.95

Today we take a look at the Protocol Sir Robert Peel Natural.
Thanks to Juan Cancel for samples.

Regular production
From Cigar Dojo:
“Cubariqueño Cigar Co. will debut the most premium cigar in the company’s popular Protocol brand later this month, launching ‘Protocol Sir Robert Peel’ at the 2019 IPCPR trade show.
“Protocol Sir Robert Peel draws inspiration from its namesake, a man regarded as the father of modern day policing. The naming strategy is consistent with former Protocol cigars, which feature law enforcement themes, as owners Bill Ives and Juan Cancel are both police officers (Juan Cancel retired earlier this year).

“Differing from past IPCPR releases—where the company has launched a new blend each year, beginning in 2015—Sir Robert Peel will be offered in not one, but two blend varieties: Natural and Maduro. Each cigar contains binder and filler tobaccos sourced entirely from Nicaraguan tobaccos; the Natural blend is finished with an Ecuadorian Rosado leaf, while the Maduro showcases Pennsylvania Broadleaf.

“Protocol Sir Robert Peel will debut in a singular 6″ x 52 box-pressed toro format, with production once again being handled by Erik Espinosa’s boutique-minded La Zona factory in Estelí. The cigars are packaged in boxes of 10, with pricing set at $11.95 per cigar (MSRP)—marking the most expensive offering from the company to date.”

Nice looking box pressed stick. Smooth as glass. Very little veinage. Seams are invisible. The triple cap is flawless. The stick is uber filled with love sausage. The wrapper is a tawny tan/brown with hints of red. And it’s super smooth to the touch. While I rarely comment on the cigar band, in this case, I gotta say it is a classy band that will cause heads to turn in a cigar lounge environment.

Massive quantities of chocolate covered caramel permeate my nostrils. There is also fresh vanilla bean, butterscotch, nuts, dried fruit, floral notes, cedar, just the tiniest amount of barnyard, and red pepper.
The cold draw presents flavors of that decadent chocolate caramel, cedar, black pepper, salted almonds, floral, cream, and vanilla.

The cigar is perfectly packed. No need for my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool this time.
The stick starts with a punch to the gut. Strong stick already.

The blend immediately emits flavors of strong black pepper, sweet summer fruit, caramel, huge amount of chocolate, espresso, cedar, creaminess, and nuts. Great start.

Now to see if my burn issue curse with box pressed sticks continues.
Strength hits medium/full. This is going to be a ball buster.

Meaty, meaty, meaty. Lots of warmth to the palate. A hearty blend. I love it already.
I’m a sucker for a blend made up of Nicaraguan guts and a fancy wrapper.

It is a very windy day here in Wisconsin today…25+mph. And I have the windows wide open. I now have a hip looking Mohawk. I’d take a photo but I don’t want to scare the kids in the room.

The sweetness factor vs. savory is 60/40. The finish is remarkable. There must be some incredible aging on this baby. I’ve had it less than a month and it smokes like it has years of humidor time.

SRV is playing and now I’m full bore into bopping.

Then moments later, it’s Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” I have a funny anecdote about this song. Gabriel used my old music partner, drummer Stew Copeland for percussion. But apparently, Gabriel did not like what Copeland played…except for his snare. Gabriel edited out everything but the snare on the finished recording which inflamed Copeland’s ego big time.

The spiciness has moved to neutral ground and is now perfectly balanced. It started out as a pepper bomb but it quickly subsided.

Damn, the cigars that came out of IPCPR 2019 have been just excellent.

So far, so good with my burn curse. The stick is behaving like a gentleman.

Super complex. Really. This is truly an impactful blend. What a joy. I smoked one a week in after receipt. I wasted a great cigar as it wasn’t ready. But only weeks later, it’s screaming laughter.

Once again, the nature of a truly great blend is its ability to morph flavors into one ball and stun the palate with its intensity. I have flavors flying all over the place with serious transitions and an amazing finish. Wow. This baby is going to become very popular. And thank goodness, it is in regular production.

The first third took 35 minutes but went by in a flash. This is such a good cigar that I’ve been transported into a bi-lateral universe where we’re all living in bliss…”All we are saying, is give peace…”

Big jump. The complexity leaps to a gorgeous new level. Savory and sweet are in sync.

Gingerbread, creaminess, pepper, caramel, smoky meatiness, salted nuts, cedar, malt, cocoa, teriyaki, vanilla, butterscotch, and espresso are in a death match to overtake each other.
Strength remains at medium/full.

The cosmic boutique brand cigar price of $12 is suited for the Protocol Sir Robert Peel Natural. You spend $60 on a fiver and it better knock your socks off from start to finish. So far, this cigar is excelling on that premise.

In fact, based on the new prices of cigars coming down the chute, this blend could have easily been priced at a few bucks more. Thankfully, Protocol ain’t greedy…like some other brands I could mention. Sir Robert Peel is monumental. A cigar to be cherished and petted.
Blam. Full tilt strength. Here come the acid flashbacks.

There is a parabolic curve with the flavor profile of this cigar. The intense complexity wavers and surges to keep my puny brain fully invested.
It has one of the fiercest finishes I’ve experienced.

Takes an hour to get to the halfway point.

A first sip of water unleashes hell. Flavors explode like the first time I went to a hooker in Amsterdam as a young man.

Turns out that there are double cigar bands as I fumble with removing them not knowing that one is overlapped on top of the other. Naked cigar.

As potent as the cigar is, I’m not experiencing any nicotine poisoning. There. I’ve jinxed it.
I dig Protocol blends; but I do believe this is one of the finest sticks to come from them. The blenders made, and succeeded, in making this a profound experience.

The second half cements its occupation of taking the cigar higher and higher; as Sly Stone would say. It is blowing my mind…a short trip.

Flavors in order of appearance: Caramel, creaminess, espresso, black pepper, green chile makes its debut, vanilla, gingerbread, salted nuts, beef jerky, cedar, a touch of dried fruit, dark chocolate, and a touch of honey. Yikes.
No earth, wind, and leather apparent.

I do not, repeat, do not recommend this cigar for newbies. You will die. But you experienced aficionados…oh boy, you’re going to love this cigar. I would definitely pair it with a beautiful 12-year rye whiskey. I’m going to smoke one tonight and do just that.

You need to put aside two hours plus for this cigar. It is a marathon. Packed perfectly.
I’m sure the choice of the Toro size caused a certain amount of mental unbalance as the blend is so feverish that Protocol decided not to put out other sizes. This size must be nirvana. Is Cobain still dead? How about Generalissimo Franco?

I’m ready for the next quantum leap.
The Protocol Sir Robert Peel Natural settles down into predator mode. It lies in wait to attack its prey. Me. The balance takes a huge upturn. It is now so smooth that I want to rip off my Depends and run naked in front of the mailman. (WTF?).

We are at a point that the whole supersedes the individual flavors. It has reached its zenith. We are at peace and in the eye of the storm.
A second sip of water and the blend shows extreme zealotry. No prisoners.

I’m waiting for the avalanche of nicotine but it does not materialize. My life is saved.

I repeat myself under stress…I repeat myself under stress…The Protocol Sir Robert Peel Natural’s balance is the star of the show. It is undeniably a high premium that others aspire to be. (Don’t tell anyone, but I’m surprised that this is only a $12 stick).

Great. The grass is being cut and with the pollen in abundance and the wind gusting, my head should soon puff up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving balloon.
As my sinuses begin to close, there is an unrelenting attack to my palate that is not affected by my allergies.

Last night, I watched Stewart Copeland’s documentary called “Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out.” I show up in the first two minutes of the film. Of course, I expect a wheelbarrow full of royalties…Ha.

I’m going to nub this stick. I will use my PerfecDraw poker as a roach clip.

So, my dears, this is one more blend that should be a must on your limited budget. Forsake the Gurkhas and bundled Room 101’s and snag this baby.
No nicotine…Huzzah!
I love my job.
Thanks Juan. You’re in the will.



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  1. “Flavors explode like the first time I went to a hooker in Amsterdam as a young man.”
    You crack me up!

  2. Love sausage? NTTAWWT. LOL

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