Plasencia Small Batch Corojo Robusto Box-Pressed | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 4.75 x 52
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $9.60

These cigars were purchased from Atlantic Cigar….2 months humidor time.
They appear to be a limited production so times’ a wastin’.

Atlantic Cigar also produces Oliva Small Batch in Maduro and Habano. I plan on reviewing these shortly.

Keeping up with the trend, Atlantic also sells Perdomo Small Batch in Sungrown in 4 sizes. And San Lotano in Maduro, Habano, and Connie.

The Plasencia Small Batch only comes in Corojo.

I bought a fiver of the San Lotano Maduro in the Corona size, and they are pretty good for only $5.20 each.

Atlantic’s Small Batch Series was something I had no idea about. I found not a single review; written or video. And no press release. They seem to follow the blueprint of the recently reviewed Oliva Master Blends 3 Maduro that was a joint venture between the two. I reviewed the cigars recently and found it to be a real gem for the crazy price of $5.00 each. $4.00 if you buy a bundle of 20. After my review, I spoke to Matt at Atlantic, and he told me it was a nicely kept secret and that everyone at Atlantic were constantly grabbing some for sticks to enjoy at work.

So, my dears, you are reading it here first. Is this another excellent cigar for a reasonable price or is it a stinker? I called Matt and ask him how much I get paid for a good review. He hasn’t returned my call.

From Atlantic Cigar:
“Néstor Andrés, Gustavo, and José Luis Plasencia introduce another unique blend that vaunts its goodness in every way. The leaves are derived from the finest tobaccos grown in Nicaragua and Honduras. The result is a full-flavored delight, with chocolate notes hitting the palate at first. This flavor profile is laced with hints of walnut, dried figs and leather, followed by subtle notes of pepper.”

Robusto 4.75 x 52 $9.60
Toro 6.188 x 52 $10.80

The oily wrapper has a multi-hue presentation of coffee, mahogany, and Rufous. The skin has a small grit of fine tooth covering the cigar. Veins are not in plentiful supply. Seams are tighter than a drum except for the one near the cap in my photo. The stick is medium weight in the hand. Depressing the cigar is easy my hands feel a nice consistency to the tobacco filling. The cigar band looks like two bands but not so. One band. An optical delusion…or illusion. I can go either way. Lastly, the triple cap is expertly applied.
One more time for lastly…. the box press is crisp along the shaft but ends up a soft box press at the foot.

Fat notes of milk chocolate and floral. Brown sugar, espresso, malt, strawberry taffy (I know, weird), white pepper, cinnamon, cedar, and some barnyard.

The cold draw presents flavors of multi-peppers, cinnamon, espresso, malt, dark chocolate, extremely nutty, something charred, brown sugar, cedar, and a lovely creaminess.

The draw is spot on. Not too tight and not too airy. Just right. I carefully take my PerfecDraw draw resistance tool and sock it away in my ammo drawer. It will make a man out of the tool.

Immediate good vibrations. Complexity is there and waiting for me to love it because I’m just a girl, standing before a boy, and asking him to love me. (I don’t know what’s wrong with me).

Loads of smoke. Flavors are light footed at this point as I am mostly discovering the over all picture at this early juncture.
There is quick spiciness that is red, white, and black. And a touch of cinnamon.

Strength seems to pop out of the air into medium/full.

The stick is revving up for something. I am not sure as I am currently under the influence of isopropyl alcohol and prune juice. Add an olive and you’re swinging.

Some real sweetness appears like the friend you don’t care for who shows up at your local B&M and wants to talk your ear off. I remember those days. You have no idea how nice I had to be to everyone because of tips. My first time working with the public in my career. I don’t like it. I was shocked at how many stupid people inhabit the great state of Wisconsin. But then, if I was so bright, what am I doing writing these fakakta reviews instead of sitting on my yacht in the Caymans counting my money with an abacus.

“Jelly Jelly” by the Allman Bros. Band. Love it. Very “Stormy Monday-ish.” A good sign.

I’ve found that most Plasencia cigars need a shit load of humidor time before they are ready to hump your leg with a pleading cry that forces you to light one up.

I am seeking the blender’s intent with only 2 months humi time.
Another good sign…the cigar’s complexity and depth improve with each puff. It is digging away with a hoe to go much deeper into the cemetery plot. I dig hoes.

Black cherries and brown sugar crumbles on a berry cake. That just came out of me…I am terribly sorry.

The burn progression is slow. It is no hurry.

And the box press burn curse has been lifted temporarily as the burn is impressive. I’d take a photo but then you already know what a good burn looks like…and I’m a lazy old man. Keeping to the point and not wavering is my new mantra. Unless I don’t.

Ooh…a big leap with 1”+ burned. The depth of the blend kicks in with a sublime ease. Nothing linear. The transitions are minimal, but the finish is full of flavors that make me want to stand in the vomitorium of a theater.

I can’t figure out how to remove the giant cigar band. I become a monkey in front of a typewriter. Then I realize the thing is removed in counterclockwise fashion. I don’t like being fooled again.

I have officially hit the sweet spot. With a couple months more humidor time, this sweet spot will show up even earlier. Maybe the beginning…do I have any fucked up gamblers reading this that want to contact my bookie on this matter?

The construction of how the cigar is filled is exquisite. Not a single criticism.

Oh my…”Good Times Bad Times:” by Led Zep. I unabashedly show unrequited love for their music. I saw them so many times in L.A. I sat in awe as I watched John Paul Jones use his bass like chopsticks. I went home after the concerts and wanted to burn my basses.

The strawberry alarm clock returns as a specific flavor. First time for that.

The spiciness relents and acts like your old uncle slipping you dollar bills when your parents aren’t looking. It becomes a nice back stop and platform for the subtle nuances of flavor points. I like this cigar.

At nearly $10, it is not an inexpensive every day go-to stick. But the sophistication of the design warrants the price tag. The less expensive sticks I’ve reviewed have been pretty good for a daily stick but they lack the depth and character of a cigar like this.

My head cold from a few weeks ago allowed me to get back to business at the Humane Society. I am merely a volunteer but that’s OK. The place is huge. I met an endless line of people. But for the first time in my life, it appeared that everyone was one minded…and as a result, very kind and generous folks there for the same reason…to save animals. Plus, it is a no-kill shelter. I go back tomorrow. I think I found the perfect job for an old man. My only other choices to get paid is to be a caretaker for someone even older than me…or lifting heavy boxes for Amazon. Fait accompli.

The leaps of complexity are big smile inducing events.
It’s all there… espresso, malt, spiciness, creaminess, strawberries in the background, cinnamon, black cherries, nuttiness, cedar, milk chocolate, and smoked baby backs.

Took around 35 minutes to get here.

I have the Oliva Small Batch Maduros waiting patiently. Can’t wait to bask in their love light.
A word to the wise. Do not smoke one the first month you have them. Just not ready for primetime.

Strength hits full. The avalanche of hallucinatory attacks will begin soon.

Last night, I watched a concert by James Taylor and Carole King taped in 2007. Blew this Boomer’s mind. It is on HBO MAX. My bass idol Lee Sklar was there.

The depth widens its parameters and seeks out even more sophisticated applications.

The smokiness is delicious. It is the main taste on the finish now.
There was no press release, so I know very little about the blending process.

On the right side of my main page, with the advertisers, are a couple songs I recorded with Rick Tunstall in 1980. The first one has my old buddy, drummer Hal Blaine, slamming away on the song.

The cigar’s strength is not for newbies. Only a touch of nicotine…so I am able to stay conscious for the entire review.

My first sip of water and flavors gush.

This is not one of those blends in which the sum exceeds its parts. The multitude of flavor points are always front and center. The depth of the tobacco envelops those flavors and holds them to its breast.

Back in my early days of high school, I had a girlfriend. When I was begrudgingly allowed to get to second base, my hand came away with a handful of tissues. She was hiding the gold. Remember all that peer pressure at that age? And the judgmental kids who just waited for the right time to jump.

The burn has been exceedingly consistent. No issues with the burn or the wrapper. Probably helps we are having summertime temps today of 50°. Flip flop weather. But a massive storm is headed our way that should hit by tomorrow. Our first big snow of the year.

I recommend this baby. I’d like to snag some Toros. But at the pace this Robusto is burning, it will be a 70-minute smoke.

The cigar is running out of length. I grab my PerfecDraw tool for nubbing purposes.

I’m not very clever or witty when I love a cigar. That and 8 months of no sleep.
I’m on the verge of becoming Redd Foxx…grabbing his chest and telling his dead wife he is on the way to join her.

I’m nubbing away. Not a lick of harshness or bitterness. Even the spiciness is under control.

Atlantic’s Small Batch Series is a well-kept secret. So, there is still time to get in on them before they disappear.

And for God’s sake, join their V.I.P. club. More savings and special deals.

The ghost has finally left the cigar while I listen to SRV sing “The Sky is Crying.” Apropos.

I just love reviewing a good cigar.



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